To FreeOpenDiary and beyond!

So, hi…anyone remember the LiveJournal and OpenDiary era? Yeah, that was the last time I had a serious blog. I remember that my username was Xalvadora, which is a Spanish girl’s name meaning “Savior”. Back when I thought my writing could save the world, ya know? And I was really into it too…me and a bunch of my friends churning out all of these pseudo deep entries riddled with teenage angst, etc. It was epic. Other than that, I had a few entries on Myspace, blogger/blogspot, and I dabbled with Facebook’s “Notes” feature, but it never really took off.

But anyway, my name is Jo. I’m 28. The picture above pretty much sums up my personality. I’m a free spirit…my mom calls me her butterfly, and I can’t get enough nature and sunshine. I love to laugh and just enjoy life with all of the beautiful people that surround me. I love everything. I’m not very deep and this entry won’t be long. In fact, that’s…it….

I promise to not suck at blogging this time…I will bring you along for all of my life’s adventures and banalities!



Just over here chronicling the craziness and banalities of my everyday life. I fly, I drink, I run, I work, I laugh A LOT, I eat, I repeat. I live my life like it's golden...for the most part.

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